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BLOG | 1. Beginning

Urban exploring, urbex, abandoned places.. Blah, blah, blah its so trendy now, everywhere I look I see urbex.
I stopped using this word, becouse of the fame. A lot of new fanpage’s urbex_john, urbexstyle, urbex <add any provincial city or whatever>, yotube, instagram.. Whaaaaaa, its everywhere. It’s too much. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that people develop new passions, but for me it is just to much this, urbex stuff, just too much. I will not be a hypocrite, after all, I’m just writing a post on For a moment, I seriously considered this name, but eventually I was inspired by my favourite band, you can check here —>
Muse Dead Inside

But I lose my point, so get back to beginning 🙂
My name is Natalia Sobanska and I like to visit abandoned places. It first started when I was teenage girl, after moving to a new place, this time to the suburbs. For a teenager it was fucking disaster. Apart from the fact of the hundredth change in friends and the fact that I didn’t know anyone there. I needed something to do, but there was nothing. I didn’t have internet (in 2004 it wasn’t as accessible as it is now). There was nothing , not even ordinary pubs, or a park, nothing. It was just charming cattle town. I was a rebellious minor, and the befits of a rebellious young woman, I truanted as much as I could. But.. Where you can go when in in the area is nothing intresting for you? Well …there was something. A few abandoned places .. And that’s how it all began.

At the end of high school I skipped less classes (wisely) and moved to my home city, the capital. And from time to time I visited abandoned locations. In 2014 it began to interest me more and more, I traveled more and more, often in Poland and taking photos of the phone.

In 2015, I started browsing the web and of course, as a real urbexer I created a fanpage on fb!
<Only, I am begging you do not go back to the initial entries, because I am blushing at the thought>

About this time I also learnt that it is hobby is called urbex and I was not alone.
Then I also found out that people are taking pretty good photos of abandoned places. And I also wanted to take such a great photos.

That was the inspiration for buying a camera.

With this lengthy intro, I wanted to explain, why the first 40 sets on the site are so poor. I just learned. Below is a short timeline, showing information about the equipment that I used, the resulting photo development, as well as a tips for you, from what time period you can expect worse and better photos 😉.

For 2015, just turn a blind eye, focus on the places themselves. I will not torture you with pictures from the cell, it would be a drama, believe me. With the rest, not all sets even with Nikon are suitable for publication.

June 2015 Nikon D3200 + Nikkor F 3.5-5.618-105 or Sigma 10-20mm F4.5
January 2016 change to Nikon D7200 + Sigma 10-20mm F4.5 or Sigma 17-70mm F 2.8-4.5
February 2017 and until now change to NikonD750 + Nikkor F2.8 14-24 or Nikkor 24-70 mm F 2.8

This site was created to show that abandoned places aren’t only ugly ruins, but a different kind of beauty. I am already addicted to the decay, so I can’t be subjective, judge for yourself.

I would like to invite you to view my gallery and wish you a pleasant stay on the site.

And this is me with my first Nikon 😉