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2018 Year Summary

For about 50 days, with my Bartlomiej, we traveled the following another kilometers, on two continents and in 16 countries. Hours and days we spent in the furthest corners of the internet, tohave possibility to visit 155 decayed places. However, before we heared the sound of the shutter, a lot of things was happened.

Breaking through the bushes is in the package when you visiting the abandoned places, however crossing by meters wall of heavy and wet snow ,are rare. The last 100 meters ended with crawling on the stomach, but how much it was worth, you will not understand if you will not see what was at the end of the road, even if this last part of way will take half an hour.



It is also worth to practice climbing from time to time, and how much adrenaline it brings down a line from a six-meter wall long before the first rays of the sun!

We was arrested by the Japanese police, detained by the Montenegrin Navy, brought out like children by corrupt Albanian Security. What was wrong with my feminine intuition? #AFlashingLightIsAsilentAlarm. But we also sailed on a boat!


There was excitement, there was delight, there was joy and there was fear. It was a good year. Lofty speaking, under the sign of fulfilled dreams.