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Hachijo Royal Hotel

It was the largest hotel in Japan. It is located on a remote volcanic island, almost 300 km from Tokyo. No beaches, only divers will find something to do.
Unfortunately, it was not sustainable for such a large hotel to remain open. Despite several attempts to bring it back to life, the hotel closed its doors for the final time in 2006. It’s amazing that some of the rooms have developed their own ecosystems, while others are untouched by time, other than a bit of dust.

Viisted: 04/2018
Status: Open

19 responses to “Hachijo Royal Hotel”

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  2. John Sampson says:

    What is the possibility of staying there for a few days at one’s own cost? And, is it possible to purchase some of the items that are usable and still in good condition? Could one even buy the building and restore it for other purposes, like an art entre for visiting artists who would like to mix and work together in Japan?

  3. Olga says:

    HI, please quote under which conditions we can use the photos on all and platforms (RT TV channels, RT/RUPTLY social media, and webpages)? Thank you very much in advance!

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  7. Don Dengerink says:

    Hi Natalia!
    I spotted your pictures of the Hachijo Royal Hotel on and ended up here. I cannot describe what I experienced watching your photo’s. It felt like I got 1000volts applied to my brain — it totally shortcircuited. I have this thing with places or better ‘atmospheres’, it’s as if they’re speaking to me. It is so obvious that I don’t understand why others don’t pick up on it. It’s difficult to explain.
    I read your blog and about urbex for the first time — never heared of it. I just feel a connection with this abandoned hotel. If I understand correctly, you went up there in April this year? Is it difficult to get up there? I noticed it’s to the south of Japan. Did you go to the island by airplane or by boat? And how the heck did you find out about this place?
    Anyway, my compliments with your pictures, they are blowing my mind and offering me a whole new world of their own. I have left my email address in case you care to reply.
    Thanks, Natalia!

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