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Kupari: Bay of Abandoned Hotels

Visited: 08/2016 i 05/2018
Status: Open

The complex in Kupari was built as a holiday resort for the military officers of the Yugoslav People’s Army and the members of the government, Josip Broz Tito had his summer residence there. Its construction cost more than billion dollars and before the war it was the best resort on the whole Yugoslavia. On this area was Hotels: Grand, Goričina I, Goričina II, Kupari, Pelegrin, Mladost and Galeb could host around 2000 people at the same time and a nearby campsite had space for 4500 people.

This idyll was disturbed in november 1991, the hotels were plundered and bombarded by artillery shells by Yugoslav People’s Army. Never again did they get the chance to regain their former splendor.