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Szombierki Heat Power Station

Visited: 10/2018
Status: Legal

Power Plant Szombierki has been an inherent component of the landscape of Bytom since it was opened on 29 November 1920. The investor and the first owner of the power plant was the German company Schaffgotsh Bergwerksgesellschaft GmbH, belonging to the Upper Silesian family Schaffgotschs.
The building was constructed in the modernist style according to the design of architects Emil and George Zillman. The construction of the CHP Plant Szombierki was commenced after the end of the World War I. According to a legend, originally, it was supposed to be an explosives factory; however, eventually the building was redesigned in order to serve as a power plant. The plant was opened on 29 November 1920. A four-sided Siemens & Halske clock was mounted on the power plant tower in 1925. It was coupled with 54 clocks operating in the plant. In the years 1939-1944 Szombierki Power Plant had the maximum output of 100 MW, what make it among the greatest power plants in the Poland and in Europe. 900 people worked there at that time. It could be considered then to be one of the largest power plants in Europe.
The building, considered to be one of the seven architectural wonders of the Silesian Province, has been adapted to the place of many cultural events.