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Kappa Onsen Hotel

Visited: 03/2018
Status: Unknown

The abandoned Kappa Onsen Hotel was built on the steep slope of the Kinugawa Onsen tourist region (Tochigi Prefecture). In the past, the regional resort was very popular because of turism region, but much more because of the hot springs. The decrease in the number of tourists resulted in the closure of the hotel in the 90’s. The hotel has a multi-level structure, on the ground floor of the hotel there is a former reception, bar and dining rooms. Glasses, cups and plates remain on the bar shelves, games, ashtrays and magazines still lie on the countertops. In a long corridor overgrown with ferns, a stuffed deer froze. In the conference room, over the years of flooding, a dangerously large hole had formed in the floor, exposing the lower levels. Kappa Onsen Hotel, abandoned for almost 30 years, is colapsed faster and faster with each passing year. It seems that costly demolition will not be necessary.