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Underground Hospital

The Underground Hospital was closed in 2007 and abandoned few years later.  As the name suggests, this an elaborate labyrinth of tunnels ,is built in the granite mountain.

Just standing at the entrance , You can feel a cold breeze, blowing from the hospital, walking a little further inside, and instantly feel the temperature drop by few degrees. The granite hospital was built in 1978 for military purposes. Due to the high probability of military attacks in this region, it was crucial that even after the bomb was dropped, it still retained its functionality.

As it was a military hospital, many soldiers died during treatment due to injuries, which opened the door to local legends. Several hospitalized patients are said to have seen the souls of dead soldiers wandering the corridors in the middle of the night. There is also a popular story about a nurse who saw a famous officer sitting on a hospital bed, when she called him he turned his head towards her, actually only half of head. 🙈

Local ghost legends are very popular, perhaps because the hospital is located in a tunnel with no glare of the sun, and the hospital corridors are so convoluted that it’s not hard to get lost in the total darkness

Regardless of the authenticity of the strange stories, this place is extremely rich in history, and is also a kind of memorial to the military and civilians.

Visited: 09/2019